Erika Apartments - Hévíz
Hévíz, Bartók Béla utca 2-4.CÍM
+36 (83) 342 012TELEFON
+36 (30) 537 14 07MOBIL
+36 (30) 288 89 96MOBIL


A comfortable apartment house for those who wants character and atmosphere in their surroundings. Suitable for couples, singles and families looking for a quiet, relaxing stay.

There is air-conditioner in every.

Breakfast is available.

10% discount is available in some partner restaurants, tickets to the thermal spa.

There is internet access in our house.

We can offer thermal lake bath a reduced price.

Sauna and whirlpool bath are available for our guests.

Massage, pedicure, manicure, hairdresser are provided.

We make an appointment with specialists, dentists.

Program managing.

For riding we provide free bicycles.

Barbecue is possible.

Parking in closed area.

Rent a car is an opportunity.

Holiday extras : Whether you are travelling by fly, bus, taxi or train, in fact whatever type of transport you're using, we can help you find your way easily from Budapest airport to Hévíz, Fly Balaton airport to our apartment house and back, as well as providing you we essential information on how to use these services in our country.
CÍM • Hévíz, Bartók Béla utca 2-4.
TELEFON • +36 (83) 342 012
MOBIL • +36 (30) 537 14 07
MOBIL • +36 (30) 288 89 96