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History of Hévíz

The oldest and most well-known bath of Hungary has a long history. The Hévíz treatment was also known by the Romans - some testoon were found by divers in the thermal lake in the '80s and the altar-stone which was found nearby. The finds refer that this area was inhabited by Slav and German ethnical groups.

The name of Hévíz was first mentioned in a charter that dates back to 28th March 1328 in which this place was called "locus vulgarites Hewyz dictus".

Hungary is famous not only for its spas but hospitality. Hévíz is one of the most popular and dynamically developing spas in Hungary visited by guests all year round. Its popularity is especially due to the unique thermal lake. The number of tourists is increasing in the future - helped by the 'Fly Balaton' Airport of Sármellék.

CÍM • Hévíz, Bartók Béla utca 2-4.
TELEFON • +36 (83) 342 012
MOBIL • +36 (30) 537 14 07
MOBIL • +36 (30) 288 89 96